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Experience a seamless and efficient sign-in process

Users are greeted with an intuitive interface that significantly expedites the check-in process. They even have the option to independently generate an identification badge that can be worn while on your premises, utilising our Visitor Management System.

Managing guests in your educational institution or workplace has become effortless and efficient thanks to our cutting-edge Visitor Management Solution.

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Visitor & Access Management System

Reliable and expert authentication solutions to manage visitors, guests and contractors attending your premises.

Experience a seamless and efficient visitor management process in your school or business with our cutting-edge system.

Our market-leading visitor management system offers an intuitive interface that expedites the check-in process for visitors. With InVentry's innovative solution, visitors can easily navigate through the system and even print ID badges to wear during their visit.

By storing visitor information directly in the system, you gain the ability to track who is present on your premises. This enables you to effectively manage visitors and maintain accurate records of individuals entering or leaving your site, particularly in emergency situations. Our system provides secure access to your facility, ensuring the safety of everyone within your organisation or educational institution, while eliminating the need for outdated paper-based visitor books.

Education Sign-in

The foremost concern of any learning institution is student safety. InVentry offers an integrated registration system for your educational establishment, along with applications designed to enhance protection and security.

InVentry's academic sign-in platform provides peace of mind knowing who is present on the premises at any specific moment.

The foremost priority for every educational institution is to ensure the safety of it's students, staff and visitors. InVentry's management system offers a solution that enhances transparency by accurately tracking and identifying individuals on-site at any point in time. Boasting an array of features such as fire drill attendance checks, health declaration and visitor monitoring, InVentry fulfils all your fundamental requirements.

InVentry Anywhere app offers you the convenience of accessing InVentry's features directly from your smartphone or tablet. Utilising your smart device, you can effortlessly manage fire drills, educational trips, and student meal choices.

InVentry is the perfect fit for all:

- Primary Schools

- Multi Academy Trusts

- Independent Schools

- International Schools

- Higher Education

System Features

The implementation of a reliable Visitor Management System in today's flexible working environments is crucial. InVentry takes pride in providing an all-encompassing solution for the contemporary workplace. This system effectively caters to the requirements of schools, businesses, and other work Environments.

Touchscreen: InVentry touchscreen, measuring 20 inches, is designed specifically for use in high traffic areas, providing a user-friendly interface for welcoming and signing in visitors.

Badge Printing: With our eco-friendly label rolls, visitors can have their badges printed instantly, ensuring clear identification. Additionally, the built-in badge designer allows for easy customisation of the badge's appearance.

DBS Checker: Utilise InVentry as your Single Central Record for DBS checks. Receive notifications when checks are nearing expiration and when visitors or staff need to renew their DBS check, based on your own customisable requirements.

Acceptance Policies: Through the signing-in process, ensure that visitors agree to any terms and conditions, including health and safety guidelines and evacuation procedures.

Integrated Webcam: The integrated webcam enables visitors to take their ID badge photos and can also be used for facial recognition for up to 60 days for frequent visitors.

Visitor Memory: The intelligent InVentry visitor management database stores information on all previous visitors, allowing for a seamless experience for returning visitors on subsequent visits.


Contractor Management

Eliminate redundant paperwork for contractor sign-in sheets for inductions, checks & passes by utilising our efficient contractor management system.

Ensuring that contractors are thoroughly vetted prior to their arrival on your premises is crucial for the safety of both your employees and the security of your business. This is especially important in educational institutions, where safeguarding is of utmost importance. Our software for contractor sign-in can help you enhance the security of your locations.

Traditionally, managing contractors involves a significant amount of paperwork, which often leads to delays in completing work and inaccuracies in information. In the education sector, it is also essential for all contractors to have an up-to-date DBS check, and our contractor management system at InVentry can store this information.

With InVentry's visitor and contractor sign-in software, you have the ability to minimize the risk associated with allowing individuals on-site by conducting necessary contractor checks when they sign in. Additionally, our software enables you to provide the required passes for access to your site. You can also proactively manage the necessary checks beforehand through our contractor compliance solutions.

By utilising contractor management software, you can easily access essential information such as names and primary contacts, as well as more complex details like permits for specific activities.

Multi-Site System Integration

Effortless authentication and visitor administration are made possible with our multi-site software, designed to cater to the needs of educational institutions and businesses operating across multiple sites.

In today's business world, whether it's Multi-Academy Trusts (MATS) or Large Organisations, many companies operate across multiple sites. With numerous employees and contractors constantly moving between these sites, it can be challenging to keep track of who is where and when. Fortunately, our multi-site login system, InVentry Central, has been developed with utmost flexibility in mind. It allows you to effortlessly monitor your employees, record their timekeeping across various sites, and ensure that your organisation maintains exceptional safeguarding procedures.

Discover the remarkable features of InVentry Central, the ideal software for multi-site sign-ins and visitor management for businesses or MATS. Check out our blog for Central's most impressive features and our expert tips on making the most of this software.

Building & Fire Evacuation

During a drill or in the case of a fire evacuation, the InVentry Anywhere app enables users to view an up-to-date list of all individuals present on-site from any mobile device.

InVentry Anywhere application enables users to conveniently access a live version of the list of individuals present on-site from any mobile device at various locations.

Efficiently monitor the location of your visitors and precisely document the identities of those entering or exiting your premises. Our software for visitor log books grants access to the site, ensuring the safety of individuals within your buildings, while eliminating the requirement for traditional paper-based visitor logs.

The data is extracted directly from your primary InVentry system. The software for managing evacuations can be accessed on any number of devices, at various emergency assembly points, and will synchronise in real-time. This allows key personnel to maintain an accurate record of individuals who are present and have been accounted for, including the option to display photographs for convenience.

Furthermore, you have the capability to generate an up-to-date roster of individuals on-site directly from your InVentry evacuation management system. This enables you to manually mark off employees, visitors, students and contractors.

Gatehouse & Security

This innovative addition is ideal for expansive locations that encompass gates and barriers separating the perimeter from the main reception area.

Allow security personnel to verify a visitor's eligibility and indicate their arrival directly within the InVentry console from your organisation's gatehouse.

The hosts of the visitors will receive a notification once they have arrived, and they will also be automatically included in the InVentry Anywhere app, ensuring that evacuation lists are constantly updated.

Not only does this feature enable large sites to accurately track the arrival of visitors at different entrances, but it also guarantees that managing a challenging site during an evacuation will be more effortless than ever before.

Discover how our comprehensive solutions and services are tailored to meet your unique business needs, harnessing the power of seamless technology.

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