Cyber Incident Response

Cyber incident: Lightening response

Step into a new era of cyber security resilience with our Cyber Incident Response service. We stand ready to fortify and swiftly respond, ensuring your organisation remains secure and agile in the face of cyber challenges.

A steadfast partner in the ever-shifting digital threat landscape, providing a comprehensive and proactive approach to handling cyber security incidents.

  • Detection and Identification
  • Investigation and Analysis
  • Containment
  • Eradication
  • Recovery
  • Post-Incident Analysis

Detection and Identification

Detection and Identification form the initial line of defence.

The process typically begins with the detection of a potential security incident. Our team deploys advanced threat detection mechanisms to identify suspicious activities or anomalies within the network.

Our team of Cyber Security experts are here to guide you through the continuously shifting landscape of Cyber Defense.

Investigation and Analysis

Vigilant Investigation and Analysis unfold the intricate layers of cyber security threats, revealing their nature, scope, and impact.

In the aftermath of a potential cyber security threat, our team conducts a meticulous Investigation and Analysis, delving into the intricacies to unveil the nature, scope, and impact of the incident. This thorough examination serves as the foundation for informed decision-making, guiding the subsequent steps in our strategic and effective response.

Our strategy ensures both individuals and businesses are well informed, and guarantees a prompt and efficient resolution to any security issues that may arise.


Our team swiftly initiates Containment measures, isolating and restricting the incident's reach to prevent further escalation and protect your digital assets.

In the aftermath of the Investigation and Analysis, our team initiates robust Containment measures. This involves isolating and restricting the incident's reach to prevent further escalation and protect your digital assets. By swiftly containing the threat, we mitigate potential damage and create a secure environment for the subsequent steps in the response process.

CMYK remains committed to a proactive and collaborative approach throughout these critical stages. Our goal is not only to respond effectively to incidents but also to continually learn and adapt.

Our Cyber Security Team will carry out a comprehensive examination and documentation process post incident. This will contribute to the continuous improvement of our cyber security strategies and guarantee a strong defence against ever-changing threats.


Methodically remove and neutralise the identified threat, eradicating its presence from your digital environment to ensure a thorough and lasting defence against potential harm.

In the relentless pursuit of cyber security resilience, We take decisive action during the Eradication phase. Building on the insights gained during the thorough Investigation and Analysis, this phase is a strategic and targeted effort to systematically eliminate the identified threat.

Eradication involves a meticulous approach where our cyber security experts leverage advanced tools and methodologies to remove and neutralise the remnants of the threat within your digital infrastructure. This process aims not only to eliminate the visible components of the incident but also to address any potential hidden or latent elements that may pose a risk to the ongoing security of your systems.

CMYK prioritises the Eradication process as a fundamental step in restoring the integrity of your digital landscape. By neutralising the threat at its core, we ensure a comprehensive and lasting defence against potential harm. This proactive stance not only addresses the immediate incident but also fortifies your organisation against future threats, contributing to an overall enhanced cyber security posture.

As we move forward in the Eradication phase, our dedication remains steadfast - to safeguard your digital resources with accuracy and effectiveness. This proactive and focused strategy reflects CMYK's commitment to delivering strong cyber security solutions customised to address the constantly changing challenges of the evolving threat landscape.


Leveraging advanced strategies, our cyber security experts work diligently to restore affected systems to normal operation.

In the aftermath of a cyber security incident, CMYK directs its attention to the critical phase of Recovery. This strategic stage involves a meticulous process where our cyber security experts, work diligently to restore affected systems to their normal operation. Our primary objective is to facilitate a seamless return to regular business activities, mitigating any disruption caused by the incident.

The Recovery phase encompasses a series of tailored actions, ranging from data restoration to system reconfiguration. Our experts collaborate closely with you and your IT team to ensure that all systems affected by the incident are thoroughly examined, validated, and brought back to optimal functionality. This process is conducted with a keen eye on maintaining the integrity of your digital infrastructure while minimising downtime.

As part of our commitment to comprehensive recovery, CMYK goes beyond mere restoration. We seize this opportunity to implement additional security measures aimed at fortifying your digital environment against future threats. This proactive approach ensures that your organisation emerges from the incident not only recovered but also equipped with enhanced resilience to face evolving cyber security challenges.

Throughout the Recovery phase, communication is paramount. Our team provides clear and transparent updates on progress, ensuring that you are informed every step of the way. CMYK's dedication to not only resolving the immediate aftermath but also strengthening your organisation's digital resilience.

Post-Incident Analysis

Post-incident analysis is conducted to assess the effectiveness of the response and identify areas for improvement.

After successfully navigating the complexities of incident response and recovery, CMYK places a strong emphasis on the Post-Incident Analysis phase. This critical stage involves a comprehensive and reflective examination of the incident, aiming to extract valuable insights, lessons learned, and actionable intelligence that can further enhance our cyber security strategies.

Our seasoned cyber security experts conduct a detailed retrospective analysis, dissecting the incident's timeline, impact, and response efficacy. By scrutinising the incident from multiple perspectives, we gain a profound understanding of its nuances, enabling us to refine our incident response protocols and fortify preventive measures.

Post-incident analysis is not just about reviewing what transpired; it's a proactive measure to bolster future resilience. We meticulously document findings, detailing the incident's characteristics, the effectiveness of deployed strategies, and any areas for improvement. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for ongoing training, policy refinement, and continuous enhancement of our cyber security framework.

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