Cyber Essentials Certification

Achieve recognition with cyber essentials certification

In an era where cyber threats are ever-present, certification offers cyber validation for your business.

Attain cyber acknowledgment by obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification, the baseline certification to demonstrates your organisations commitment and awareness to cyber security.

  • Preparation
  • Internal Security Review
  • External Vulnerability Scan
  • Evidence Submission


Designed to enhance your cyber resilience, it empowers you to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

In our deep dive analysis, we closely examine your current digital posture to unearth potential vulnerabilities and reinforce your cyber security resilience

As an integral facet of our Cyber Essentials (CE) / Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification process, our deep dive discovery is a meticulous exploration into the heart of your digital infrastructure. This thorough examination goes beyond the surface, delving into intricate details to uncover potential vulnerabilities and ensure comprehensive cyber security resilience. Through a systematic analysis, we identify and address nuances that might escape routine assessments. This deep dive is not just about meeting certification standards but about fortifying your digital fortress with a nuanced understanding of potential risks.

It's a proactive stride towards achieving and maintaining a robust CE certification, ensuring your organisation stands resilient against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Internal Security Review

An Internal Security Review is a pivotal phase in ensuring the robustness of your cyber security measures.

During this process, our experts meticulously assess your internal systems, protocols, and practices to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. This comprehensive review involves scrutinizing access controls, data handling procedures, network configurations, and other key aspects of your internal infrastructure.

By conducting an Internal Security Review, we aim to fortify your organisation's resilience against potential threats from within.

It serves as a proactive measure, allowing us to recommend and implement improvements, ensuring that your digital assets remain secure and your cyber security posture stands resilient in the face of evolving risks.

External Vulnerability Scan

External Vulnerability Scans for robust cyber security awareness.

An External Vulnerability Scan stands as a crucial element of our cyber security strategy, dedicated to bolstering the resilience of your digital infrastructure. This process involves a thorough examination of your external-facing systems, networks, and applications. Our cyber security experts conduct a systematic scan to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that might be exploited by external threats. By simulating various cyberattack scenarios, we gain valuable insights into your security posture, allowing us to proactively address and mitigate potential risks.

The External Vulnerability Scan not only aligns with industry best practices but also plays a pivotal role in meeting the requirements for Cyber Essentials certification.

It's a proactive measure to ensure that your organisation's external assets are fortified against emerging cyber security threats, promoting a secure and robust digital environment.

Evidence Submission

Join us in fortifying your online presence and ensuring a secure future with Cyber Essentials Certification.

Assessment and Evidence Submission constitute the pivotal phase in our cyber security journey. Following a thorough examination of your systems, protocols, and practices, this step involves the compilation and submission of pertinent evidence. It's not just about meeting standards; it's your organisation's opportunity to showcase its commitment to cybersecurity resilience.

This collaborative effort ensures that the certification process aligns seamlessly with your unique digital landscape. 

Through transparent and thorough assessment, we navigate towards Cyber Essentials certification, affirming your dedication to a secure and resilient cyber environment.

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