Door & Access Integration

Integrate with the best door access providers on the market

InVentry technology intergrates effortlessly with all major door access providers, including Paxton, Salto and Almas Industries.

Door access integration allows employees to securely enter the workplace and check in at the same time using different forms of authentication, such as biometrics or a Staff ID card.

  • Access Integration Benefits
  • Paxton Integration
  • Checkpoint

Access Integration Benefits

By automatically synchronising personnel data from your InVentry system and integrating it with an access control system, the burden on administrative staff is significantly reduced.

Additionally, for organisations with multiple buildings, this smart integration allows InVentry to keep track of users' locations, providing you with constant awareness of who is present on your site.

More Key Features include: 

Seamless: Easily populate your access control system and add users directly through the InVentry platform.

Simple: Provide temporary door access cards to visitors or individuals who have pre-booked using InVentry.

Automated: When a user is disabled or removed from InVentry or your MIS access is automatically disabled.

Effortless: Relieve administrative staff from the burden of managing Paxton access.

Accessible: Grant different door access rights through your InVentry system.

Straightforward: With a single swipe on an InVentry card reader, trigger door releases.


Paxton Integration

By incorporating Paxton integration, you have the convenience of effortlessly accessing a secure door through a Door Access reader while simultaneously logging into your InVentry system with a single swipe.

Additionally, our Quickscan Touch units seamlessly integrate with Paxton, enabling swift and hassle-free sign-in at various entrance points. Allowing for open access-controlled doors and sign in at the same time.

Paxton integration allows businesses to effortlessly populate their Paxton system and add users directly through InVentry. Similarly, schools with a Management Information System (MIS) only need to enter information once, and it will automatically be added to both InVentry and Paxton.

This integration not only simplifies the user input process for administrative staff, but it also reduces the workload when it comes to removing users. When data is deleted from InVentry, their Paxton access will be immediately disabled. But the benefits of using Paxton and InVentry don't stop there. With an InVentry card reader, you can easily trigger door releases with a single swipe. Additionally, temporary door access cards can be assigned to visitors or pre-booked individuals using InVentry.

You can enhance the entry experience at your site by utilising contactless entry through Access Invitations. These invitations are sent to visitors who have pre-booked and include a secure link. This link allows them to open your site's Paxton door or gate upon arrival.


Grant entry to your site for visitors and authorised contractors by conveniently scanning a QR code.

A cost-efficient option for managing staff, visitor, and contractor entry.

Gain instant access to Paxton and Almas controlled areas effortlessly with the Passport app and our Checkpoint devices. Choose between two stylish options - wall mount or desk mount - as a fantastic alternative to temporary staff ID cards. This innovative solution allows organisations to grant access to authorised staff, pre-approved visitors, and contractors, enabling them to sign in on-site and activate door releases simultaneously across multiple entrance points. Upon arrival, an automated email is promptly sent to the respective staff member, providing them with the precise location of the entrance door. As an additional measure of site security, QR codes are used and automatically disabled after use, with a new code generated every 10 seconds.

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