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Whether you're in a boardroom, classroom, hurdle space, or communal area, our AV solutions are designed to enhance your interaction and audience collaboration.

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What are Interactive Displays?

You may be familiar with touchscreens, as they are commonly used in our daily lives.

Interactive display screens come in various sizes, ranging from phones, tablets, and laptops to large presentation interactive boards. These displays enable real-time engagement and collaboration, regardless of the device size. By utilising advanced interactive display solutions, along with AV software and accessories, you can effortlessly control the content using your fingertips or a pen. Whether it's touching, pinching, swiping, shopping, annotating, or sketching, the possibilities are endless.

At CMYK, we empower your team to effectively communicate your services and abilities to your target audience through an intuitive and interactive platform. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to showcase your strengths and engage your audience in a meaningful way. With our expertise in AV and display technology, we can help you create a dynamic workspace that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Let us help you unlock the power of visual communications and take your business to new heights.

Interactive Displays

Interactive display screens with exceptional quality and effortless ease of use to supercharge your workspaces.

Whether you need a training room, meeting room, hurdle space, communal area, studio, or classroom, our interactive display solutions offer a genuine pen-on-paper experience that allows everyone to use them naturally and intuitively. No complicated technology to learn - anyone can simply walk up and start sharing and connecting with mobile devices.

Our interactive touch screen technology is powerful, available in sizes ranging from 40" to 86". It will greatly enhance your meeting or training session by enabling content sharing and audience interaction. Whether it's sharing text, graphics, photos, videos, annual reports, or even handwritten content, our interactive screens provide a professional and user-friendly experience.

Furthermore, people can contribute directly from their tablets and other smart devices, making collaboration effortless. With multi-screen connectivity, content and ideas can be shared from different locations, rooms, or even from users' home working spaces.

Interactive Touchscreen Tables

If you are a business, healthcare provider, or education institution, the use of technology is vital for collaboration, education, communication, and ensuring that those under your care stay connected. We are pleased to introduce our collection of interactive touchscreen tables.

Our range of interactive touchscreen tables offers three distinct devices - The Agile, The Flex, and The Early Years. These mobile screen solutions are specifically designed to provide greater flexibility compared to an interactive wall mounted screen. Utilising cutting-edge touchscreen technology, our interactive touchscreen tables can accommodate up to 40 touch-points simultaneously, making them perfect for both individual and group use.

Our interactive touchscreen tables can be set up in a vertical position, enabling them to function as conventional touchscreen devices. They also offer the versatility to be transformed into flat tables or tilted, depending on specific needs. Furthermore, the Flex model is adjustable in height, allowing it to be utilized in either horizontal or vertical orientation. This flexibility caters to individuals who prefer to be seated or standing and also accommodates wheelchair users.

Interactive touchscreen tables are offered in both battery-powered and non-battery versions. The inclusion of a battery pack allows for effortless mobility of the screen within various settings such as offices, care homes, classrooms, and educational establishments.

Interactive Whiteboards

Simple and effective, the perfect solution to replace aging Whiteboard and Projector Technology. Perfect for educational establishments and training environments.

The traditional and conventional whiteboards are becoming a thing of the past, they were most commonly used in classrooms and corporate seminar gatherings. These whiteboards served a purpose, as a dry-erase solution for delivering presentations and pitches, often paired with projectors to showcase content - but we have something better! 

As the demand for a more streamlined, hybrid and efficient approach grows, the conventional setup of projectors and whiteboards is being phased out in favour of modern digital interactive whiteboards. These interactive display solutions are revolutionising offices, classrooms, and other collaborative spaces by enabling smarter communication and real-time collaboration. With their user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, these innovative whiteboards offer a more engaging and interactive experience in both educational and professional settings.

Let us help you implement the necessary steps to provide a better solution for your target audience.

Discover how our comprehensive solutions and services are tailored to meet your unique business needs, harnessing the power of seamless technology.

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