Educational Sign-In

Maintaining the safety of students is the top priority for every educational establishment. InVentry's management system for education ensures that you can have peace of mind by having knowledge of who is present on the premises at any given moment.

Primary School: Ensuring the safety of students is the utmost priority for every elementary school. InVentry's management system for primary schools offers a solution that provides peace of mind by accurately tracking and identifying individuals present on the premises at any given moment. With a range of features including fire evacuation roll call, health functionalities, and visitor management, InVentry has all your needs covered.

Additionally, our Anywhere App empowers you with the convenience of accessing InVentry's capabilities right at your fingertips. From your smart device, you can effortlessly manage fire evacuations, school trips, and student dietary requirements.

Secondary Schools: Knowing the identity of individuals present on the premises is crucial for any secondary school. The safety and well-being of both staff and students are always top priorities. With our integrated read-and-write-back feature, you can easily track when students arrive late or leave early, ensuring efficient monitoring. InVentry system allows you to store data either on-premise or through the cloud, granting you access anytime and anywhere.

The InVentry system for schools has been meticulously designed to prioritise GDPR compliance and safeguarding. The software, applications, and equipment for electronic visitor sign-in are renowned for their exceptional reliability.

Multi Academy Trusts: InVentry Central provides a convenient feature that automatically signs out staff members from their previous location, based on their current sign-in location. Our software for multi-academy trusts also enables the transfer of DBS checks between sites, ensuring that visitors and contractors can access all areas within the trust.

With the capability to integrate with unlimited MIS systems, the option to pre-book large groups of visitors, and the freedom for staff to move between sites in the MAT, InVentry's software for multi-academy trusts is the ideal solution for any Multi Academy Trust.

Independent Schools: It is crucial for Independent Schools to have knowledge of the individuals present on their premises at any given time. The utmost priority is always the safety and security of both staff and students. InVentry's software for tracking in independent schools aids in maintaining a high standard of safety and security. We offer independent schools the necessary management software to enhance safeguarding, all at an affordable price. With a range of features designed to improve pupil and staff safeguarding, InVentry provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for Independent Schools to enhance their overall processes and procedures.

International Schools: The InVentry system for managing visitors in international schools prioritises the safety of students by providing a clear record of who is present on-site at any given moment. Our software, applications, and equipment have been meticulously developed to offer the utmost reliability.

To foster a sense of community within international schools, we provide personalised ID badges for staff and parents who frequently enter the premises. Our visitor management system for international schools offers a wide range of features, including contractor management, staff sign-in, evacuation roll call, reporting, and events management.

Higher Education: InVentry's visitor management system for Sixth Forms provides a clear understanding of the whereabouts of their students at any given moment. By providing sixth-form students with easily recognisable ID badges, they can conveniently sign in and out of the premises using a swipe card. Our sixth-form student engagement platform makes it incredibly simple to maintain a record of individuals present on-site!

Thanks to the InVentry Anywhere App, Sixth Forms can now keep an up-to-date record of students in the event of an evacuation. With InVentry, you have complete visibility of students who are present or absent from the site, ensuring that your evacuation records are highly accurate.