What Is Eco-Friendly Printing?

At CMYK, we take pride in our commitment to being environmentally friendly by embracing several aspects of eco-friendly printing. These include:

Free Toner Recycling: Free toner collection and recycling scheme. reduced emission transportation and couriering of toners 

No Waste: In order to minimise waste and support your efforts towards environmental sustainability, the toner cartridge remains securely in position until all of the toner has been completely used.

Print Materials: We promote the use of environmentally-friendly print materials, such as recycled paper or biodegradable paper. These materials go through a less chemically-intensive manufacturing process, which enhances their sustainability.

Printing Technology: Environmentally friendly technologies manufactured to help minimise the impact on our environment, reduce waste, lower costs, decrease energy consumption, and mitigate pollution. 

Energy Reduction: Our MFP's have been meticulously crafted to operate with exceptional efficiency, resulting in significant savings on operational expenses. By implementing automatic power settings that can be customised to specific time frames, the MFP only powers on during predetermined hours, optimising energy consumption.

CMYK Community Tree Planting Project: We automatically register customers for our complimentary initiative to plant trees. By planting trees on behalf of our customers, we aim to minimise the environmental and community impact of our solutions.