CMYK was founded in 1996 by a team of experienced professionals inspired by the digital revolution then sweeping through the IT and office equipment industries. We were determined to set completely new standards in the sale of and support for business technology, by focusing not just on what machines do, but on what clients actually need. This remains our vision today.

At CMYK we partner with market leading companies such as Ricoh, Olivetti, Lexmark, Sharp, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Sophos, Nuance and Adobe.  These companies are amongst the leading manufacturers of office equipment, information technology, printers and multifunctional devices.  As a partner to these organisations CMYK is certified to supply, install, service and support their extensive product ranges.

Our long list of clients speaks for the success of this strategy. We serve businesses and organisations of every size and in every sector, and provide all aspects of sales, service and support for everything from a single printer or copier to large, multi-site installations.

CMYK’s infrastructure serves the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Utilising its extensive field service team CMYK is well placed to deliver exceptional service and support aimed at exceeding customer expectations.





CMYK Digital Solutions Limited
Unit 9 Butlerfield Industrial Estate
EH19 3JQ

Telephone:    01875 825100
Facsimilie:     01875 825102


CMYK Edinburgh


CMYK Digital Solutions Limited
31 Lonmay Place
G33 4ER

Telephone:    01875 825100
Facsimilie:     01875 825102


CMYK Glasgow


CMYK Digital Solutions Limited
Aintree House
Trident Business Park

Telephone:    01875 825100
Facsimilie:     01875 825102


CMYK Warrington


CMYK Digital Solutions Limited
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place

Telephone:    01875 825100
Facsimilie:     01875 825102


CMYK London


Please feel free to contact us via this web form.  If you would prefer to talk to a real person we are very happy to have a conversation.  Please contact us on the most suitable number below:

For service, support or a technical issue:
+44 (0) 1875 825101

For sales, contract, accounts or administration:
+44 (0) 1875 825100

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